Cromoenos System benefits for the Oenologist

The oenologist has a tool that allows him to harvest the grapes in the optimal state of maturity and select plots for the different types of wine. At the entrance of the winery, you can direct the grapes to different tanks to vinify the grapes according to their different stages of maturity and apply the specific winemaking for each tank according to their state of maturity.

  • For grapes with an MFI greater than 1.70, you should try to extract the least amount of green tannins using short, cold macerations, or thermo vinifications.
  • With grapes with an MFI of 1.60, you should guide them to obtain fresh fruit from their thiolic precursors and avoid the extraction of some somewhat astringent tannin.
  • Grapes with an MFI close to 1.50 allow to go to long macerations, for long aging wines rich in fatty tannins and aromatic precursors that are revealed in its aging.
  • If the MFI is 1.5 and the IPT less than 60, you can plan a bleed to concentrate the soft and round tannins and give the wines a long aging.
  • In wines with an IMF greater than 1.70, you can plan a micro-oxygenation program to try to soften the tannins, by combining them with anthocyanins and polysaccharides excreted by yeasts.

In other words, we provide the winemaker with information on the future wine based on measurements made in the grapes and help him or her to direct them to the vinifications where best optimizes the extraction and generation of the most positive things that can be obtained from the grapes, with the help of the most advanced oenological biotechnology.

  • The oenologist has a global vision of the winery, from good practices on the vineyard to winemaking that takes more advantage of the raw material that it has.
  • Evaluate each tool at your disposal to be able to make the right decisions at all times.
  • The winemaker wants unambiguous parameters and quick responses like those offered by our system.

Improve quality

The winemaker can now get the Fresh Fruit Point

Grape harvest prediction

It has a clear guide to harvest: MFI = 1.5

Fast measurement

The method gives the result in less than 7 minutes

Winemaking visualization

With the data of IMF, CP and IPT P, measured in maturation, I visualize the tannic structure of the wine, and the aromatic profile, and design the vinification

Management improvement

I don’t have to wait for the fermentation to finish to know what color to get. You can start making decisions before the harvest

Low cost of media and personnel

Affordable and inexpensive expendable price platform. No need for specialized technicians

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