Cromoenos System benefits for the Managing Director

The management of a company is a complex task that, in the case of a winery, begins with the purchase of grapes at the correct price. Thanks to Cromoenos, the Managing Director now has a tool to value the grapes he buys reliably.

It also has precise information to sort the harvests by parcels according to maturity stages, since depending on the time of harvest they can be worth more or less. Now you can know in which areas a good phenolic maturity is achieved with less inconvenience, or the natural factors that affect it. Our system provides you with valid information to help you change even plots or areas to invest in, within your investment policies.

In these times of climate change, with continuous changes in the profiles of wines demanded by the market, it is important to establish a policy that prioritizes planting in areas other than the traditional ones and with varieties that allow a good MFI to be achieved, to harvest them for fresh wine , or fruity with red or black fruits, fresh rosés, etc.

If the winery has its own vineyards, it now has a tool to be able to carry out ecological viticulture tests, controlling the results by the IMF, where it can manage the vegetation for the health of the grape without deteriorating the phenolic maturity. And in these tests to be able to estimate production costs.

It can also carry out mechanization tests, including pruning, which drastically reduce costs and which, carried out with a certain rigor, allow a perfect ripening of the same.

  • The managing director must buy the grapes at their proper price.
  • Now you have useful, accurate and reliable information for your looks.
  • You can carry out organic viticulture, mechanization or pruning tests.
  • It has all the necessary information to manage your product optimally.

What else does Cromoenos offer?

Winemaking visualization

With the data of IMF, CP and IPT P, measured in maturation, I visualize the tannic structure of the wine, and the aromatic profile, and design the vinification

Management improvement

I don’t have to wait for the fermentation to finish to know what color to get. You can start making decisions before the harvest

Low cost of media and personnel

Affordable and inexpensive expendable price platform. No need for specialized technicians

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