Cromoenos System benefits for the Field Technician

The Agronomist has a target number, which is the Phenolic Maturity Index (MFI), which guides him from the start of veraison. The IMF marks the water stress of the grape grain; when there is a blockage, the MFI stops and even goes up. The viticulture technician has an indicative number to obtain so that at the end of veraison it is between 2.00 and 2.40; in this way, maturation can begin and, with a climate without significant incidents (rainfall of 80 l / m2 or temperatures above 33ºC for 7 days), with irrigation control and following the IMF, the grape can reach values ​​between 1.60 and 1.50.

If the MFI in the veraison is higher than 2.40, it may be because the grape is under heavy stress, which would require watering. If it is rainfed, although the leaf is necessary for photosynthesis, it is also a source of perspiration, so we get a guideline to manage the vegetation and the fruit, and modify the surface and yield per vine. If the IMF becomes blocked during ripening (stands or rises), irrigation will be used; in dry land you can mist water with the tractor to help unblock.

From the IMF values, the Agronomist can avoid many micro-vinifications to know the result of his treatments and the operations of management of plant architecture, winter and summer pruning, etc. Using nutrient treatments and aided by soil moisture probes and dendrometers, you can monitor plant growth, stress in the cell multiplication phase and cut growth when deemed appropriate; later for each soil you can have the script to repeat the good vintages.

The Agronomist or Viticulturist is interested in everything related to the vine. Its performance and health, exhaustive use of soil resources and the rapid avoidance of risk situations that spoil a year’s work

What else does Cromoenos offer?

Agronomic decision making

 The IMF value serves as a script to manage the vineyard because it is related to the strain load or water stress. Allows quick intervention when there is stress blocking

Classification of payments

With a follow-up for three years, I can classify the payments by their ability to achieve a good ripening of the grape. What is essential for it to be recognized as a Quality Payment

History of each vineyard

As the method is fast, each vineyard’s history can be made and, knowing the accumulated stress and its ability to cope with stress, it helps to decide the irrigation dose, or the elimination of clusters.

Selection from the vineyard

It is possible to select the grapes for each wine, identifying much in advance, from the plant itself

Prediction of important values

It is possible to detect and quantify the astringency that each grape carries or identify the point of Fresh Fruit

Choice of grape harvest

There is no doubt, the target date is when the MFI value tends to 1.5 with the maximum Probable Color

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