Cromoenos System benefits for the Board of Directors

This Governing Council is the one who decides the remuneration and payment policy for the grapes. To do this, it now has two parameters that allow assessing the quantity and quality of tannins, in addition to assessing the aromatic potential indirectly through the Phenolic Maturity Index (MFI). Our system provides a master software so that each cooperative can design its grape valuation system to proceed with the payment of the same. In addition, it can be completed with gluconic acid parameters that measure health.

The Board of Directors  now has tools to redistribute the item for the payment of grapes, which are the classic of the Grade, and now also the Probable Stable Color, which indirectly measures the concentration in tannins and coloring matter, and the compounds of the skins precursors of aroma; on the other hand, the Phenolic Maturity Index (IMF), which measures the quality of the same tannins, and the aromatic profile of the future wine. There are varieties that genetically have a lot of color, but if the IMF is high (immature-green tannin), that color is reduced since the wine will come out colored but with green tannins. For this reason, the color is multiplied by a factor that depends on the IMF for each variety of grape.

Our company began to develop this method, at the request of a group of Cooperatives, to develop an index linked to the color measured in the grapes, to apply it to the payment of the same. Twenty years later, our company participates in Precision Viticulture R&D Projects, to study how to manage the vineyard to try to make the grapes mature. Since we are living in a time of “climate change”, which causes states of water stress, which force the selection of farms with underground currents, and varieties that are genetically resistant to blocking by water stress.

The task of the Board of Directors is very delicate, it must implement a fair quality payment system. Partners produce what they are paid for; If color and state of maturity are paid, in three campaigns they will have realized which system helps them achieve it.

The Board of Directors of the Cooperative watches over the interest of the associated cooperative members. It must incorporate new technologies but looking for a return on investment. This Council increasingly needs to “Produce Quality” and at the same time “Pay fairly”

Fair payment at grape reception

We have a “proven” numerical value to defend the price to the harvester.
We reward the producer according to quality

Quality promotion

Now we are able to detect overripe grains, excess production or genetically colored varieties. We are promoting produce quality


We pay for the quality of the grapes and avoid loading ourselves with astringent and green grapes. We also save having to spend on additives that try to mask them

Grape harvest prediction

We also have a numerical and tangible value to advise the harvest in the maximum Potential Color and the least astringency.

Low acquisition cost

The instrumentation is simple and inexpensive. It has hardly any maintenance and the return on investment is achieved the first year

Fast measurement

The method gives the result in 7 minutes. No trailer queues

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