The Cromoenos method for cooperative wineries

With the Cromoenos method, the grapes are paid for quality, and its concentration. The Probable Color is measured, which measures the concentration of the grapes in their compounds, and the Phenolic Maturity Index is taken into account, which measures the state of maturity of the same, the quality of the tannins, and the aromatic profile of the wine future.

There may be grapes that genetically give color, but if they have a high Maturity Index, they will give wines with color but astringent and with poor quality herbaceous odors. Only the grade or only the color points do not give an accurate judgment of the quality of what arrives in the trailer. Cromoenos offers a master software to make the payment of the grapes according to the Grade, Color and IMF and health.

Cromoenos allows to pay the total and Real Potential of Color and the Phenolic Quality.

High CP (Probable Color) values ​​are good

They are good low values ​​of IMF (phenolic maturity)

Chromoenes pays for the Probable Color (PC) product and for the Phenolic Maturity Index (IMF)

The Cromoenos Platform is the only one that allows you to have parameters directly linked to the quality of the grape expressed numerically, which can be averaged as the alcoholic degree. Our master software serves as a script to be able to make the payment of the grapes in the most fair way.

If quality is not rewarded, the winegrower will produce what they pay him: kilos and grade. If you pay for color and maturity index, the winegrower will endeavor to produce the grapes in this way and he will be in charge of treating them in front of the botritys and helping them to ripen. Otherwise, you will end up receiving many kilos, and many of them rotten.

The Cromoenos method makes it easy to separate trailers by differentiated qualities according to their IMF and to be able to guide them to their specific vinifications with specific protocols. If some grapes are not ripe, it is not necessary to immobilize them for seven days in a self-draining system, since with a thermo-vinification in 24 hours the deposits are released. No need to spoil high-quality grapes with immature grapes.

The best option is to make it separately, avoiding extracting defects from the grapes. In this way, we can enhance the fermental aromas with yeasts and, in ripe grapes, extract quality tannins and aromatic precursors. Subsequently, the corresponding mixtures can be made and obtain a higher added value. In this way we can manage the oenological products rationally and use the facilities optimally.

With the use of remote sensing, photos of all farms can be taken to geolocate the analyzes during ripening and to help plan the order of harvests; After a three-year history, we can define the areas where the soil and the environment favor the good ripening of the grapes, in order to be able to produce and select the best payments of the Cooperative.

What else does Cromoenos offer?

Prediction analysis in wine

  • Probable Stable Color (CPE)
  • Phenolic Maturity Index (MFI)
  • Probable Total Polyphenol Index (IPT)
  • Probable Color after Alcoholic Fermentation (CPFA)
  • Probable Color after Malolactyl Fermentation (CP FML)

Grape analysis (Dr. Glories)

  • Anthocyanins in grapes (mg / l)
  • Extractable anthocyanins at ph 3.2 (mg / l)
  • Tannins in grapes (mg / l)
  • Pip tannin percentage (% MP)

An option for high productivity

Cromoenos is an ultra-fast method, but sometimes the key factor is in the trailer row.
Therefore, we offer the option of using our GranoX-Tractor system

To carry out the Chromoene analysis, it is necessary to start from whole grain samples. In 2002 we already developed the first sampling that shells the bunches and separates the beans from the green parts of the bunch. This allowed us to apply it to the entrance of the warehouses in the reception laboratories. At this time, it takes us less time than sampling the wort, since we do not have to rinse the pipe.


Direct shipment of grains extracted by GranoX-tractor to the receiving laboratory where the color analysis is performed on each trailer, in order to select and value the grapes taking into account the color of the grape (CP), and the state of tannin maturity (MFI).

System benefits

Precise choice of harvest time

Fair payment at grape reception

Winemaking visualisation

Agronomic decision making

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