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Patented routine analysis method
In just 7 minutes it predicts the Colour Intensity of the future wine

Provides the quality of the tannins and the aromatic profile the wine will have and a numerical measurement of the grape maturity

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Clients of Cromoenos System
Our clients are our best guaranty

The best wineries keep trusting in our method many years ago

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Patented routine analysis method
Cromoenos system facilitates control and decision making

We will know the Probable Color and Phenolic Maturity Index

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Cromoenos is the quick, 7-minute method to predict the probable colour and Phenolic Maturity Index of red grapes.

Using our technology, the winemaker can evaluate the integral quality of grapes, make a selection and pay the winegrower according to its true quality..

System benefits

Precise choice of harvest time

Fair payment at grape reception

Winemaking visualisation

Agronomic decision making

Cromoenos for all types of wineries

Cooperative winery

Winery with its own vineyard

Common Cromoenos user profiles


Field technician

Board of Directors

Managing Director

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